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What is a hospitalist?

The hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for hospitalized patients. Just like your primary care doctor, hospitalists are trained in general internal medicine and other specialties. However, because hospitalists do not maintain outside clinics, they can focus all their attention on patients inside the hospital.

The hospitalist manages your course through the hospital, coordinating and consulting with specialists, closely monitoring your progress, and staying in close touch with you, your family and your doctor.

How does the hospitalist work with my doctor?

Since your primary care doctor spends most of the day in clinic outside the hospital he or she cannot always be at your bedside when emergencies or concerns arise. However your primary care doctor is still in touch with your care.

If you are a Maui Medical Group patient, Hospitalists maintain close communication with your PCP during the course of your hospitalization. This ensures a smooth transition of the management of your care back to your doctor.

How can the hospitalist benefit me?

Having a hospitalist on staff is like having your doctor just down the hall from your room throughout your stay at the hospital. If you or family members have questions or concerns, the hospitalist can be contacted during working hours. Your hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital, ensuring timely follow up on tests and treatments. The result is high quality care for you.

What happens when I leave the hospital?

The hospitalist will fax your discharge instructions to your preferred primary care physician. If your primary care provider is from the Maui Medical Group, a telephone call and/or voice mail summarizing your hospital care will be completed.

What if my family has questions?

An important benefit of the hospitalist service is increased availability. Your hospitalist is here to explain and respond in person to you and your family. During critical and stressful moments your hospitalist will be there to provide timely, honest, and considerate answers to all questions.